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Main subjects of Sedimentology, Petrology of Sedimentary rocks and Quaternary Geology

·         Microfacies, sedimentary environment and model in the carbonate rocks

·         Microbialites and continental carbonates

·         Elemental and isotopic geochemistry in the tropical and non-tropical carbonates

·         Petrofacies, sedimentary environment and model in the clastic rocks

·         Provenances, weathering and the parameters controlling sediment composition

·         Geochemistry of clastic rocks

·         Lacustrine depositional systems

·         Sediment density flows: processes and products

·         Diagenetic processes in carbonate and clastic rocks

·         Sedimentary cycles and sequence stratigraphy

·         Palaeoclimate change and reconstructions

·         Basin evolution: interactions of sedimentation and tectonics

·         Ore geology in sedimentary realm


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